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Wednesday, May 5th

La Salle and LaSalle

The diploma mill LaSalle made the new yesterday. It seems a number of teachers have obtained higher salaries by submitting advanced degrees from less-than-reputable universities. Both Philadelphia's La Salle and Louisianna's LaSalle are mentioned, about two-thirds through article.

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Monday, May 3rd

Final Exam - Multiple Choice Answers

1. c (duty to protect by warning - wording from the case)
2. c (specifically or readily identifiable - wording from the case)
3. d (a report is mandatory in PA only if the child comes before you in your professional capacity)
4. d (this is the only case where there is a statute of limitations in the CPSL - I threw out this question because I realized I didn't cover this aspect of the child abuse laws in this year's class, i.e., confused myself)
5. d (2 years, 30 CE credits, including 3 credits in ethics)
6. c (2 years - everybody knows this)
7. a (because the dissertation is intended to show the capacity for independent work, the student in almost all cases should be listed as first author; this new parr of the Code is to help students avoid exploitation)
8. b (test data - now defined as anything with the client's responses, scores, or notes about the client on it, even if it includes copyrighted questions or instructions)
9. b (HIPAA)
10. d (Jaffe v. Redmond)

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