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03/29/2004: "The New School"

There is a new movement among some philosophers to provide counseling, according to last week's New York Times. "A controversial new talk therapy, philosophical counseling takes the premise that many of our problems stem from uncertainties about the meaning of life and from faulty logic." Evidently, those espousing and practicing from this new model do not have any formal mental health training, although if you were converted by the Dawes chapter, you may not be so concerned about this, seeing as a formal degree or experience hasn't been shown to correlate with clinical outcome.

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on Thursday, April 8th, Mary said

no...didn't go - didn't notice the sign until too late... smile

on Thursday, April 1st, Chris said

No, I didn't. Did you wind up going? And, if so, did they convert you?

on Wednesday, March 31st, Mary said

Were you aware that there was a lecture on this -- just saw sign posted today -- was held last Thursday on campus.
Didn't notice who was sponsoring...

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